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Let me also say, I want to make you sandwiches. And soup. And peanut butter cookies, though the truth is that peanut butter is actually really bad for you because they grow peanuts in old cotton fields to clean the toxins out of the soil but hey- you like peanut butter, and I like you.

"Wasabi" by Andrea Gibson


Oven-Roasted Tomatoes (from NomNomPaleo)

Next on the list for snacks:


Last week, my good friend Dr. HA cooked me a delicious supper and one of the yummy side dishes was oven-roasted tomatoes. Tonight I had a bunch of wrinkly San Marzano tomatoes on my kitchen counter so I decided to roast them a la Dr. HA but even more simplified. Wow. Oven-roasting the tomatoes concentrates the flavor and makes each bite taste like tomato candy.  

If you troll the interwebs, there are tons of recipes for slow-roasted tomatoes. Most of them call for putting the tomatoes in a low oven (225 F) for several hours. I’m sure these tomatoes taste scrummy but I don’t normally have 3-6 hours to wait for tomatoes to cook. I have things to do, people!

Follow the jump to see how I made them!

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